Fully managed Kubernetes cloud, by Canonical

Focus on your business while Canonical builds and manages your Kubernetes infrastructure. Take advantage of your on-premise assets and leverage one or more public clouds for your multi cloud strategy.

Canonical will set-up and operate your Kubernetes cluster for you, with in-house experts on-hand at all times to stand-up and scale your cluster. And, when you're ready, we will hand over operational control.

  • Fully managed Kubernetes on your bare metal, VMWare, OpenStack or any public cloud
  • Built in two weeks using a proven reference architecture with our Kubernetes consulting packages
  • Customise the architecture in iterations based on workloads
  • Enterprise class SLA for the infrastructure, upgrades included
  • Monitoring and log management integration
Kubernetes Managed Service Provider

Budget friendly, reliable and supported

Cloud infrastructure needs to be economically competitive with public cloud, and it needs to be fast and reliable. Our experience with OpenStack at scale and meeting complex regulatory requirements ensures that we deliver efficient and resilient private clouds with an SLA to match.

Friendly economics

Predictable capital expenditures (CAPEX) and predictable operating expenses (OPEX) means the benefits of long-term density accrue to your bottom line directly.


Every Kubernetes cluster built by Canonical is always automatically upgradable to newer versions. Absolutely no snowflakes!


Choose a support model that fits your needs. Our world-class customer success team provides a fully managed service all the time so you can focus on your business, while we focus on your workloads.

Build, operate, transfer and support

The best way to keep costs down and ensure a high quality cloud is to use a repeatable, standardised methodology for workload analysis, requirements gathering, deployment and operations.

  1. 1 Design and build

    Together, we design your OpenStack and Kubernetes cloud based on your hardware, scale, roadmap, applications and monitoring system. This happens on your site and in your preferred data center. We’ll guide you through the hardware specification process to maximise the efficiency of your capex, and we’ll tailor the architecture of your cloud to meet your application, security, regulatory and integration requirements.

  2. 2 We operate your cloud

    We take responsibility for the remote management and 24/7 availability of your Kubernetes and OpenStack cloud. Your SLA covers uptime and performance. Your hardware and software are proactively monitored. Scale on demand with additional racks.

    For as long as you want, Canonical will tend to the infrastructure so that you can tend to your business workloads. The most important thing for a new private cloud is engagement with development and operations teams, to build confidence in the private cloud for application hosting. This will prove the business case for your OpenStack and ensure high service levels during the critical early stages of your journey.

  3. 3 We transfer control

    On request, we’ll give you the keys. We provide training and a handover process with on-site cloud reliability engineers to ensure a smooth handover.

    Not everyone wants to operate Kubernetes and OpenStack, for many people the benefit of the cloud is freedom from the infrastructure layer and BootStack offers that in your own data center. But if you do want to take control, you have full visibility from the very beginning on every aspect of cloud management, performance tuning, log aggregation and monitoring. There’s no better way to learn Kubernetes and OpenStack than to run a cloud shoulder to shoulder with Canonical.

  4. 4 We support your operations

    Once you have control of the cloud, Canonical provides 24/7 enterprise telephone support. Since we know the architecture of your cloud, problems are faster to debug and easier to resolve.

Free quote and architecture assessment

Security first — trusted by the OpenStack majority

OpenStack underpins our managed Kubernetes Private Cloud offering. Canonical, a founding member of OpenStack, provides security updates for thousands of production OpenStack clouds worldwide. We offer multi-year maintenance for stable cloud deployments and upgrades for those who want to move to newer versions.

The OpenStack super-users who run the largest and most complex Openstack deployments choose Ubuntu because of our quality and security. Canonical will help you meet telco, finance and government sector audit and compliance standards.

Ubuntu powers 55% of OpenStack in production. Source: OpenStack survey — April 2017 [PDF 10.6MB]

Fits your multi-cloud strategy

We recommend a multi-cloud operations strategy for the best mix of latency and price across both fixed and variable workloads. Canonical is a leading partner for all major public clouds, so we deliver cloud-neutral advice for both private and public operations. The right location for a workload should be driven by economics, not habit. Give yourself the freedom to choose.

Fully Managed OpenStack

  • Controlled density and performance
  • Containers for bare metal speed
  • CAPEX for long term workloads
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Data sovereignty
  • Existing footprint

AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, Rackspace, SoftLayer

  • Elasticity for highly variable load
  • Many regions for low latency
  • Choice of providers
  • OPEX as needed
  • Network isolation
  • Potential for uneven cloud performance


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Refresh your data centre with managed Kubernetes on OpenStack

  • Predictable CAPEX and OPEX

    Dedicated hardware is the most cost-effective for long-term workloads. BootStack costs are predictable per server per month.

  • Elasticity and agility

    We scale your cloud on demand. Just call to let us know there are additional racks in the DC. We’ll remotely test the hardware and expand your OpenStack with zero down time.

  • No distractions

    We operate the OpenStack, you run your apps. The real benefit of cloud is the ability to focus exclusively on business apps and differentiation. Your private cloud should be the same.

  • Cloud native storage

    Use proven software‐defined storage like Ceph, NexentaEdge, and Swift in your BootStack, or integrate your existing SAN.

  • No lock-in

    Your team can monitor every machine in the OpenStack cloud, and be trained to operate the cloud themselves. We will transfer operations to them on request.

  • Upgrades built-in

    As OpenStack evolves, your private cloud can be upgraded with zero down time. Canonical guarantees upgrades to newer versions of OpenStack on request. Nobody else does.

  • App-store included

    Operate standard software workloads exactly the same way on public clouds and OpenStack. A large portfolio of open source solutions and best practices.

  • Directory integration

    Real-time login integration with your corporate Active Directory or LDAP infrastructure means better security and happier users.

  • SDN flexibility

    Canonical OpenStack works with the widest range of SDNs, from Neutron OVS/OVN and flat provider networks to Cisco ACI, Calico and Juniper Contrail.

Count on Canonical’s Kubernetes and OpenStack expertise

  • Guaranteed SLA

    Our expertise, based on data from hundreds of clouds, underpins your Service Level Agreement. Our operations are certified, with regular independent audits.

  • NFV ready

    BootStack is your fastest path to a modern VIM. As a VNF vendor, BootStack enables you to test your VNFs on the most widely used OpenStack in telco.

  • Security

    Operated to the high standard of Canonical’s own production OpenStack, supporting critical public services for 60m users and devices.

  • Full stack support

    As the publisher of Ubuntu, Canonical uniquely supports the full stack. Complex problems in cloud infrastructure require analysis and fixes all the way down to the kernel. With us, there are no loose ends.

  • Log aggregation

    The BootStack team actively monitor your OpenStack 24/7, providing observability, alerting, capacity planning and continuous service checks to ensure your cloud is healthy and stays that way.

  • Transfer support

    Canonical offers training and on-premise Cloud Reliability Engineers to smooth your transition to internal operations when requested. Trust us to get you started in the best possible way.

Shape it to your needs

AI and Machine Learning

Turn your data into automated decision making and dramatically improve service levels, optimise processes, and react instantly to real-time data.

With GPGPU and FPGA pass-through your OpenStack cloud becomes a shared machine learning platform for your data scientists.

Canonical Artificial Intelligence ›

Build services

Even if you want to operate the cloud from the beginning, we can still help you design and build it. Get started fast with our OpenStack consulting and reference architecture to optimise your workloads.

OpenStack build service ›

Containers for legacy apps

Use the Linux Containers Daemon, LXD, for pure-container guests in OpenStack.

Faster to launch, with zero latency and amazing quality of service, LXD guests are the bridge between traditional VMs and next-generation Kubernetes.

More about LXD

Custom integration

Integrate your OpenStack with existing storage SANs, network and SDN controllers, authentication systems like LDAP or Active Directory, and monitoring systems using our professional services and consulting teams.

Canonical OpenStack services ›

Managed Kubernetes pricing

  Fully managed Kubernetes
Price per node (physical) * $4,380/year
Price per node (virtual) * $1,460/year
Phone and web ticket support 24 hours a day,
Industry-leading cloud operations tooling
(Ubuntu, MAAS, Juju, LXD)
Deploy, run, scale, upgrade K8s Yes
Monitoring and logging Yes
Landscape management Yes
Livepatch Yes
Knowledge Base Yes
High availability (HA) support Yes
Remote operations, smart alerts and proactive monitoring by Canonical’s cloud experts 24 hours a day, everyday Yes
Disaster recovery Yes

* Minimums apply

Talk to Canonical’s remote operations team about building and operating your Kubernetes cluster today.

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